The Baby Adjusters, Helping Chiropractors Adjust Future Generations

Helping Chiropractors Adjust Future Generations

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The Husband Coached Childbirth
For half a century, the all-natural Bradley™ Method has helped mothers have healthy babies and joyful birth experiences ...and made Fathers partners in the miracle of Life.

Price: $13.95
Fast Food Nation
"An avalanche of facts and observations...A fine piece of muckraking, alarming without being alarmist...Schlosser makes it hard to go on eating fast food in blissful ignorance."
New York Times

Price: $13.95

Vaccines, Autism & Childhood Disorders
This comprehensive book includes 28 charts and graphs plus more than 500 references. Concerned parents can now make informed, responsible decisions regarding the benefits and risks of vaccinating their child.

Price: $12.95
How to Raise a Healthy Child... In Spite of Your Doctor
One of America's favorite Pediatricians puts parents back in control of their children's health. Parents are given information so they can take a more active role in determining which ailments require an office visit and which can be dealt with at home.

Price: $6.99

A Shot In The Dark
Why the P in the DPT vaccination may be hazardous to children. How it causes many health problems, brain damage, & even death in some cases.

Price: $12.95
For The Love of Children
A guide to better health, naturally, with Chiropractic care. Inspiring true Chiropractic stories.

Price: $19.95

Brain Building Nutrition
This book contains practical information about healthy and harmful fats, the signs of fatty acid deficiency, and food that protect the brain. Teach your patients to be healthy.

Price: $16.95
Vaccines- Are They Really Safe & Effective?
This book is packed with hundreds of important facts and figures. It includes 30 diagrams and more than 900 citations so that all of the information may be confirmed. Concerned parents can now make an informed and responsible decision regarding the benefits and risks of vaccinating.

Price: $12.95

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